Isaih Shaw Director/Producer

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Career Highlights

Meet Isaih Shaw – pioneer in the TV & Film industry for over 17 years. His spectrum of positions speaks for itself, having worked as a Producer Assistant Director, Associate Producer for “Video Platform Los Angeles” and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

From booking and researching to scripting unforgettable promos, coordinating graphics and beyond, Isaih is unafraid of a challenge. That’s what’s making Pacific West Motion Pictures turn heads across the nation.


Isaih’s accomplishments are vast – having set Pacific West Motion Pictures into motion as a revolutionary independent film production company aiming to make waves in the world of film. The company welcomes crowdfunding efforts and private investments.


Education Experience

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TV and Film Production, Academy of Art University, School of Motion Pictures and Television 2009-2015 San Francisco, CA 4105    AA Motion Pictures and Television Certificate in Cinema and Television Production

Los Angeles City College 1999-2003

Los Angeles, CA