Steps for making a Short Film





Step No. 1: Determine the type of film

There are numerous categories in short film;

  • Narrative
  • Documentary
  • Comedy
  • Action

First of all decide which sort of film you want to make. Try to make a wise choice, do some research before finalizing the type.


Step No. 2: Write a Script

Write a script for your short film. Try to write each and every detail so that you can work on it accordingly. Important things which should be mentioned in your script include; character development, plot development, inciting incident, Character arc etc.


Step No. 3: Be specific, Make a story board for each and every shot

Take care of each and every specific detail. Make a story board of every scene. Don’t forget to mention about each shot of the movie. There are different types of shots:

  • Wide shot
  • Tracking shot
  • Close up
  • Medium wide shot
  • Dolly shot


Step No. 4: Make a breakdown Sheet

Make a list of all the equipments and dresses which you need for every scene. Also determine the props, make-up and costumes.


Step No. 5: Start casting

Find the most appropriate actors for you film.


Although the film industry seems glamorous, rich and well established but there are many problems which are taking birth in the film industry these problems will eventually minimize the success of the film industry.

Most problems are being faced by the short film producers because the government does not consider the short films important enough to be given grants. These days short filmmakers are facing greater problems than the big productions. PWMP is tying its best to excel in short film category.

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