How to Make 3-Dimensional Videos


The misconception about the 3-dimensional movies is that they are exclusive to big theatres and major Hollywood blockbusters. It is a total misconception, you as a film-maker can create impressive three dimensional videos as well.


Which software to use to get a 3-D effect?

Three Dimensional movies are made by layering two videos on top of each other. The method of making a normal film 3-D is that one video is tinted red and the other video is tinted cyan. The popular softwares that can duplicate the tinted videos are Final Cut Pro, Adobe’s Premiere, Cyberlink, Corel and Magix.


Steps to Make your footage 3-Dimensional

Step 1: Once you have made the movie, Import your footage

There are different softwares, each software has its own protocol of importing video. Upload the video you are attempting to three-dimensionalize.

Step 2: Work on duplicating the footage

Make sure you select the software which allows you to duplicate the footage because not all the softwares give this option. Manage your layers and be sure you can go back and forth between videos easily.

Step 3: Start adjusting the appearance of the footage, Tint your footage

Select one of your layers and adjust the color so that the color is red. Then select the other layer and color it cyan. When doing this you won’t instantly see the 3D effect.

Step 4: Work on the transparency of the footage

To make your footage 2 dimensional you need to play with the transparency of the videos.  Set the opacity of top layer to 50%. This will create blend of colors.


Step 5: Work on the Positioning of videos

Position your footage appropriately so that a 3-d effect is created.

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