Four film making tips for new comers


Short films are interesting due to which they enjoy a lot of popularity among the viewers. What the viewers don’t realize is that short films are as difficult to make as the other films. A lot of thought process is required while making them. It is challenging for the film maker to make an interesting film of short duration, cast good actors and use better equipments.

It is important that you come up with unique ideas when making a short film. Following are some instructions for the new comers:

Step 1: Write a small script and film it. If you don’t have a personal camcorder, don’t buy a new camcorder for the first film. Borrow a friend’s cam. You should start investing in equipments once you are sure that your film is a success.

Step 2: Edit and improve the footage, watch it more than once and find try to improve it in every possible manner.

Step 3: Once your film is ready, its better that you upload the footage on a social network or YouTube. Learn from the viewers comments. Improve the film where required, accept your mistakes and always leave a room for improvements.

Step 4: Once you are confident that your film is a success, move to bigger projects. Keep on upgrading and improving your skills.

The advantage of creating a short film is that it helps you to save time and money. It also gives you the experience to make bigger films in the future. Obviously it is better to learn through short films rather than making a huge film with a big budget and then facing failure.

Film making standards have risen a lot and the audience something new, creative and innovative every time which makes things even more difficult but that’s what PWMP team is coming up with their unending efforts.

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