Shooting on Sunny Days


Shooting outdoors is preferred by many videographers because they can take advantage of many sceneries, sunlight, surroundings etc. But shooting outdoors brings many problems with it. The videographer has to manage the sunlight, the changing environment conditions, the unpredictable winds and many other unforeseen events. Maintaining control over your shooting environment is the key to making outdoor shooting a success. As a videographer, the one element that will cause you the most grief is ambient light. Following are some problems a videographer has to deal with while shooting outdoor:

Achieving the right light balance

It is a misperception that all the white light is the same. Brightness is different from the light color. White light is actually a mixture of light of many different colors, is actually tinted to a degree by the mixture of those colors. Video graphers have to manage the lighting differences by adjusting the camcorder’s white balance.

How much sunlight is appropriate?

The quantity of the light is not a issue while shooting. Sometimes abundance of light, can pose problems for the videographer. Sometimes too much brightness can make for an ugly combination of hot spots and pronounced shadows. A videographer has to deal with a high contrast shot like this in a number of ways. Either you can wait for another day and let the weather become appropriate for you or create an artificial diffuser by creatively using a white bedsheet, or some other translucent white material, to soften the sun’s light.

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