How to prepare for outdoor shooting?



Video shooting requires a set of skills and expertise. Not everyone can start video shooting. You need to lean the techniques and understand the different methods before starting to shoot. Within the video shooting domain, outdoor shooting is a bit tougher than the indoor shooting.

Difference between the indoor and outdoor shooting

The basic rules for indoor and outdoor shooting are the same. The indoor shoots are easier than the outdoor shoots. You don’t have to face the sudden rainstorm, clouds or wind. You can shoot according to the plan and on time. While in outdoor shoots you face a lot of delays, a burst of wind can destroy well-planned audio. A quick change in temperature can trigger the camcorder’s dew-protection system, leaving your camcorder unusable.

Pack a Survival Kit

Take a camera kit with you for the outdoor shoots. The hard case that comes with the camcorder, no matter how much protection it offers for the camera itself, has some problem associated with it such a quick access problem and not enough space for the accessories. Hence a soft bag is recommended, a bag to accommodate your camera in the central part, to give maximum protection, from where quick access of the camera is ensured so that you don’t miss your surprise shot. In some cases professionals utilize the Styrofoam molding from the camcorder box to make a jig to hold the camera in the center of the bag.

When outdoor shooters find a critical cable missing, there is no running into the next room to pick it up. Know what you need–and what you might need ahead of time and bring it with you. You can integrate your outdoor survival kit into your camera bag by reserving separate sections of the bag for the camcorder, audio accessories, video accessories and power accessories.

When you are out in the nature and you find out that a critical cable is missing, that is a disaster beyond repair. So pre plan your trip, know what you need, even know what you may need and take it along. By using the survival kit, you can allot separate space in your bag for such accessories to avoid any operational adversity.

Last but not the least, a pair of head phones is must for an outdoor shooter as music will not only be your companion but also will help you focus best.

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