Month: May 2016


Tips for a new Film Maker


If you are new to filmmaking business you need to develop networks and contact to get famous. Following are the tips for the new filmmaker:


Contact your Regional Film Office


Regional Film offices are present to help new filmmakers grow. They provide assistance by helping filmmakers find what and who they need, from filming locations to camera cranes to production assistants. They help new filmmaker to network to the existing productions that are happening in the area.


Attend Film Festivals


These are another way of developing networks and contacts. Film festivals are happening in all regions of New York. Some are big festivals while others are small-scale festivals. These festivals great networking opportunity.  Festivals need interns and volunteers, by working as an intern or a volunteer for a festival or another industry event can bring you into contact with established, experienced industry players and, at the same time, expose you to creative work from other filmmakers from all over the state, the country, and even the world.


Learn about the state tax credits for Productions


When you start a new production house it is important that you are aware of all the tax credits available for production, post production, commercial production and the sales tax exemptions for most production-related expenses. These are highly effective, targeted incentive programs that can make your projects more affordable and accessible.

Tips to shoot a video from DSLR

If you want to shoot a video with your DSLR, you need few accessories which can help you in shooting an immensely great video from your DSLR. It is simple to shoot a video from DSLR, simply switch to video mode and start filming. Here are few accessories which can make your video look more professional:


A tripod with a pen head


Tripod is very necessary while shooting. If you will shoot without the tripod, the camera will shake and the quality of the video will be affected. When you fix the camera on a tripod, you can easily move it around and your film will be made in a better way. A tripod should be light weight, but strong. You can choose a carbon fiber tripod, but it is not necessary to buy it. When choosing a tripod, you must be aware that stability and portability are important.


Screen loupe


This is important because it prevents glare in the shooting, especially when you are shooting in sunlight. You need 100% of your composing and focusing using the screen on the back of your camera. If you want to focus manually, using only the screen as your focus, screen loupe will help you to get better focus. Loops available with an eye-piece let you shoot with the camera held-up to your eye, just like you would with a still camera.


Audio recorder or microphone


It is a very important accessory. No doubt DSLRs capture a beautiful video and high-quality images but the audio quality is not really good. It is important that you buy audio recorder or microphone.  The built-in microphones do not have the ability to produce high-quality audio.