Problems occurring in Film Industry


Film industry is one of the most famous and favorite industry. A collection of many creative people together are responsible for the success of the film industry.  The film industry is facing few problems such as:

Film production is expensive but Films are not sold at the high rate

Films are becoming less valuable, the reason for less value of films is that the films are now available online. People can watch films by streaming, or by downloading. People pay less online than they would have paid for the physical product such as CD or DVD.

A low price of the film would mean that the film producers, set designers, film directors, editors and so on, will feel the effect of low price. The film financier will also be left with smaller returns.

Government is not giving grants to the Film Industry

Government grants are of real importance for the filmmakers. Both big productions and short films require or expect to get some grant from the government. Governments are reluctant to give grants to short films although the short films are a very important communication tool these days; they are made on basis of export format and can earn money at box office.

Government bodies assume that it is difficult to gain greater profits through a short film. People argue the short film also known as feature films are becoming extinct, but that does not mean the short filmmakers should be completely avoided. The government should realize that short films attract the interest of public to many aspects of society be it places, products or people.


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