Challenges faced by Film Market  


Although the film industry seems glamorous, rich and well established but there are many problems which are taking birth in the film industry these problems will eventually minimize the success of the film industry.

Most problems are being faced by the short film producers because the government does not consider the short films important enough to be given grants. These days short filmmakers are facing greater problems than the big productions.

Small Film Producers don’t get tax breaks

The tax break is usually given to bigger productions, they don’t give much help to short films which are usually low budget.


The Tax bodies should realize that the film industry is formed by the combination of both big productions and short film. By not extending any support to short films they are deteriorating the essence of the film industry. The Short films are also in demand by many viewers, so their importance should be understood.

Digital Piracy is affecting the profit of filmmakers

Despite so many laws which are trying to safeguard the selling of film online. Still the digital piracy continues and the problem is not solved. The law enforcing bodies have to maintain a balance between freedom of web and prevention of hosting illegal content. This problem is so overlapping that it is unsolvable.

Long working hours and pay issues

Another major problem faced by filmmakers is the lack of regulations on working hours and lack of implication of minimum wage rate. The shoots extend for twenty hours and there are no fix timings. This overburdens the crew and staff immensely. These people don’t get extra money for staying late or spending greater time at work. This demotivates the talented employees.


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