The Brand New production House Just Launched

Pacific west motion pictures is a brand new film production company owned by one the most renowned Director/Producer Isaih Shaw.

The focus of the launch of this company is to bring innovation and quality in the filmmaking at the same time. Filmmaking requires a lot of skills e.g. having the great sense of the camera, adjusting to the given conditions and surroundings, bringing new concepts of filmmaking and most important dedication towards the work. The more a person will work; the more polished his skills will be.

Talking about the crowd participation, Audience has the real power which plays an important role in the success of any company; especially in any production company. So Pacific West Motion Pictures also requires its audience to make their involvement worth by participating wholeheartedly.

So basically The Company aims at financing the project using both crowds funding and crowd sourcing funds. More so, it aims at welcoming private investments as well as equity investment in business associates for stability and sustainability.

Pacific West Motion Pictures has been launched to bring new dimensions to the older concepts of film making.

Isaih Shaw has a lot of experience at his back and he has worked for many worldwide projects and has pretty much idea what trends people would love to see again and what trends should now be replaced with new one.

Film production is a whole new different thing based on pure skill and experience and PWMP is trying to make its presence worth by starting many creative and interesting projects.

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